March 2011



March 3, 2011

Alex, at the moment of selling me my new Canon camera body, Duarte, California.



March 5, 2011

Jessica, my fellow photographer, taking a break from softball photographs, Glendora, California.



March 6, 2011

Peter, my father, on his 70th birthday, Laguna Beach, California.



March 10, 2011

Paul, outside the Echoplex, -Mutator and MarchFourth playing inside- Echo Park, Los Angeles.



March 12, 2011

Dominique, at work, helping take Little League photographs in Upland, California.



March 13, 2011

Ed, at the Brewery, Los Angeels, California.



March 15, 2011

Marie, at Hull Automotive, after we spent some time chatting about books, cars and racing, and they passed Matt's truck for smog, in Pasadena, California.



March 16, 2011

Vance, and his brand new, just out of the design studio, built with his own two hands, Ferrari. Laguna Beach, California.



March 17, 2011

Miriam, at Patrick's St. Patrick's Party, West Hollywood, California.

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March 24, 2011

Danielle, hard at work in her cubicle, Wiltshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California.



March 24, 2011

Normal, temporarily putting her work behind her, for an empty cup of tea break, in her cubicle, Wiltshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California.



March 25, 2011

Alyse, at work with me at a baseball photograph training session, Glendale, California.



March 26, 2011

Lilu, relaxing at the Boneless Ranch, Pasadena, California.



March 27, 2011

Art, at work on his '58 pick-up, in Atwater Village, California.



March 29, 2011

Penfold, at work driving around special needs children in Eastern Los Angeles, California.